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In May of 2004, I showed some of my puzzles at Wrebbit's stand, at the 23rd Argentine Toy Exposition

  First of all, I want to thank the poeople of Wrebbit, who made possible for me to exhibit my puzzles, and have a great time. And I also want to congratulate them for having so great representatives at South America and Argentina.

Here we are, doing puzzles and building the stand
  I had a great time! Explaining to the visitors, giving pamphlets, or just looking at my puzzles. I exposed New York, the Big Ben, Newschwanstein, the Medival Castle, Dracula's Castle, Edoras' Golden Hall, and others.

That is me, explaining to a visitor.
  This is the the stand. You can see Canada's flag and a Wrebbit poster at the back. At the shelves, the table and the walls, you can see puzzles. Not all of them are mine, just some.

The stand
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